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Within the turbulent landscape of Artificial Intelligence, innovators often encounter the daunting challenge of integrating or falling behind. With AI Simplified, we specialize in the ethical implementation of AI to enhance the experience for you, your customers, and your team. 

 The B.O.S.S. Method

At The PMO Boss I developed the The B.O.S.S Method. It's how entrepreneurs go from chaos to clarity by implementing AI processes that are streamlined for success.

It’s all about targeting the solutions that work and not getting lost in the noise that is surrounding AI. Focuses on what works allows you to alleviate over-worked resources, reduce costly mistakes, and save time.


Over 20% of generative AI users are 25 to 34 year-olds and over 54% of companies starting using it within 1-year of ChatGPT's release (Nov. 22'). Now is not the time to be left behind.  


So whether you don't know where to start, you have concerns with the technology, or you're struggling to get good results, you know there's no turning a blind eye to the transformation AI is causing across all industries. 


What does it take to implement AI successfully?

Three things:

Light Bulb

The Right Understanding

A clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not at your organization.

White Arched Ceiling

The Right Structure

Simple and sustainable processes that you or the team can run with.


The Right Tools

The resources and tools to standardize across your company and brand.

Only the B.O.S.S. Method takes the Right Understanding, the Right Structure, and the Right Tools - so you’ll always see all the opportunities to leverage AI to reduce stress, saving time and money.

We know that the B.O.S.S. Method is the quickest and

simplest way to implement AI processes.




As the Lead Boss and CEO, Laura has been witness to some of the BEST and WORST industry practices over the years.

She knew it was time to leverage over 20 years of lessons learned and create The B.O.S.S. Method and AI Simplified to improve the sanity of entrepreneurs everywhere.

Focusing on a simple, easy-to-sustain AI-powered solutions provides results faster. Who wouldn't want that!

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